Welcome to The Quadrant

For all who seek to navigate the sea lanes of the mind and heart.

The Quadrant is a 3-volume nautical fiction series set in 19th century New England and on the high seas. These books trace the journey of three unlike mariners—a Maine sea captain, a Welsh gypsy seaman, and a Downeast ship’s doctor—who share the narrative of their multi-layered adventures.  Though against all odds they find the way to break down the barriers which divide them, they come face to face with the final hurdle—the will of the separate societies which bred them.

An amazingly detailed period novel  for a true nautical admirer. You feel  yourself being swept along in the midst of all the exotic locations and in the heat of questioning your own beliefs and the workings of today’s society.
—Holland Sparrow, Downeast Artisan from House on the Hill

The power of the ocean is akin to that of love…fluid, timeless, uncharted…and daunting. As the visions, memories, and dreams of these mariners merge into one another through their shared voyages, they find the sea’s unbounded heart…and hardship. And as readers who travel with them will discover, Ben and Jim’s journey into that heart and hardship are our own.
—Mayalakshmi Rao, Writer and Educator