The Quadrant is a 3-volume nautical fiction series set in 19th century New England and on the high seas. These books trace the journey of three unlike mariners—a Maine sea captain, a Welsh gypsy seaman, and a Downeast ship’s doctor– who share the narrative of the multi-layered adventures which, against all odds, ultimately unite them.

Though each of the 3 books follows a part of their journey on land and sea—from the heights of Rio to the beaches of Anjier, from  the gypsy camps of North Wales to the seaports of Maine—it also unveils the journey in spirit which unfolds as each mariner is transformed by the other.

Raikes draws us into the lives of seafaring men…their zest for life, their loves and their fears, and their brutality… Read of a love stronger than any storm cloud that ever rolled over the ocean, deeper than any clear blue sea. 
—Dorothy Blakey, Minister for Elder Care

             Volume I                             Volume II                          Volume III
At the Mother of Waters   At the Crossroads of Anjier           Landfall